Why Buy Infrared Lens Filter?

infrared lens filter的圖片搜尋結果Infrared (IR) photography allows you to photograph the unseen world all around us. It produces beautiful artistic results and has a number of professional uses. All sorts of objects can reflect and absorb IR light in unique ways. Plant leaves, people’s skin and colours and textures all look very different, and infrared photos have greater clarity and fantastic contrast.

All that is needed to access this invisible world is to buy infrared lens filter.

Before You Buy Infrared Lens Filter

Before you go and buy infrared lens filter, check that your camera can capture infrared. Put the camera in live view and point an infrared remote control at it. If you see a red tinted light, your camera will capture infrared light.

If you do not have a live view, set up for a long exposure, and point the remote towards the lens. The picture should show the red light.

Different Types of Infrared Lens Filter

There are different types available when it comes to buy infrared lens filter. These are screw in types and square filters.

Screw-in filters are excellent but are more expensive. Square filters have the advantage of being able to be taken in and out quickly, but risk your shot being ruined from light leaks more often than with a screw in type.

How Do Filters Work?

The filter only allows infrared light to pass through to the lens. Prices vary depending on their size and how much of the infrared spectrum they affect. The main difference between them is how colours appear.

Digital cameras generally block most infrared light which would normally make them unusable, but they can be used if you buy infrared lens filter. Colours appear different, and you need a tripod due to the longer exposure times required. You need to focus before attaching the lens.

Using Infrared Lens Filters

An IR filter will improve the quality of your shots in different ways and in different situations, including:

Shots with Haze and Fog

Shooting through fog and haze – the filter allows you to see through fog and haze to improve visibility and produce a sharper image with better contrast.

Dark Landscapes

An infrared filter creates better contrast and makes parts of dark landscapes visible that would barely be seen without a filter. This creates almost an x-ray effect for such dark shots.

Where Can You Buy Infrared Lens Filter

There are several ways to buy infrared lens filter. Specialty camera retailers would be the best place to start. They have filters of many different types, and the better retailers will stock infrared ones. The staff in these shops can advise you on the best options to buy infrared lens filter for your camera.

Many of the bigger retailers are present online, and there are many camera retailers dealing exclusively online. They carry all types of filters and are a great option for you to buy infrared lens filter.

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