Society At Corruption Risk

Think of a classroom situation, you get hit and pinched by one student but when you complain about him or her to your teacher, what if they simply take the side of the other person without even listening to your grievance? Imagine that you see one person getting bullied but what if the class teacher is not paying attention, simply because he or she is not from the same skin colour? What if male students are given the class prefect position while females are looked down upon as incompetent when they are suitable for the position in concern? By the class room, I’m referring to your country and by class teacher I’m relating to the president of the country and in all these cases, what if they take biased decisions, promote racism and fertile gender discrimination?  

In my eyes, I see this as corruption and another person might not see the same because we all have different perceptions. If you ever get to talk to an criminal charge  in your country, the first thing you need to ask is the rate at which arrest appeals come along their way. Sometimes the law has set out rules to arresting offenders but due to the network layout within the country, the actual offender can be left free to roam about without any pressure but that’s when you know your country is at risk and you are at risk. What are these negative impacts in being a part of a corrupted society? 

Quality of each service offered; it could be health care, education or any other field of business that is expected to deliver value to people will be lesser. If you ask the instances that a bribery corruption lawyer had to handle in his lifetime, you will how much some people would pay up to get false certificates through fraud lawyer, get through to certain institutes and professions but at the end of the suitable people will be disappointed at home while the people who are not qualified will be delivering poor services to people. 

The people will lose faith over the courts and justice offered to them. There will be places where the innocent party is proved with made up evidence while the actual offender is set free to roam around due to lack of evidence.  The institutes that offer education setting low standards of student entry and examinations, simply to attract more students into while the actual governments bodies regulating them staying off the hook could lead into unemployment as well. Corruption is bad and it can only get worse everywhere as it grows.  

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