Learning Culture Through Toys

Every child yearns to play and one of the first toys that a girl gets to play with is a doll. Now dolls vary greatly from culture to culture. There is the Barbie doll from United States, the Matryoshka doll of Russia, and bisque dolls from Germany. For any traveler wanting to bring home a piece of their visit to a child, a doll is a good souvenir to make the kid learn more about the culture from whence the doll came from.
Rising ChinaAs China’s population is consistently growing, now with over a billion people, it is imminent that the Chinese culture will be a major influence in the world. And while a child would rarely have an understanding of these things, one of the best ways to introduce them China would be through traditional Chinese dolls.
Material and DesignTraditional Chinese dolls are typically made of wood or plastic, but some, especially the more expensive ones, can be made from porcelain. However, while porcelain dolls look lovelier than ordinary dolls, they are very fragile and are typically not played with by children. Rarer still is dolls, which are made from ivory. Made from elephant tusks, this material is now illegal to harvest and almost impossible to obtain lawfully in the international market.
Chinese dolls generally look like what the Chinese considers as the form of perfection. With fair, porcelain white skin and long, ebony black hair. These dolls look regal and have a sense of royalty among them. They are also typically clothed in fine, traditional Chinese garb with a prevalence of red and gold color. In some cases, the doll’s long hair is worn in the classic royal style with intricate hairpieces and beads. You can use this link http://www.amazinggracehk.com/asian-clothing.html if you are looking for traditional chinese clothing for sale.
More modern, traditional dolls feature more modern Chinese dresses such as the cheongsam and has an updated look that is typical of an upper class Chinese woman during the 1920s.
Knowing the Ways of the WorldFor anyone who wants to introduce cultures from abroad to their children, dolls are a good way to start. With many different kinds of to choose from, Chinese dolls can be acquired by people with different financial capacities. It would also introduce young ones to other forms of fashion and let them know about the history of a nation.
The dolls may spark an interest in a child and encourage them to know more about people beyond their nation’s borders. Understanding different cultures would give children an advantage in this age of interconnectivity and help them further their knowledge in life. This is one of the keys for any person to have success in this time.

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