How to give your kids sex education

Have you ever come across the situation where your kids saw something involving sex from magazines or television and asked you what was it about? Have your kids ever asked you what intercourse is? Do you feel embarrassed or even avoid talking about sex with your kids? What parents should understand that it is their responsibilities to talk to their kids about sex and help them build a positive and healthy attitude towards this subject. Studies have shown that an open and positive communication between parents and children on the subject of sex can help develop a correct attitude in children. Giving kids proper sex education is in fact necessary given the vast amount of obscene materials that can be seen nowadays. Parents therefore should start giving their kids proper information about sex early on.
But where should parents start with? The answer is they should start from themselves. Having the right knowledge and attitude is key to passing on the right information to kids. It is not uncommon for parents to have misguided information about sex, as their own parents might not have given them the correct information in an era when sex was a taboo and they were made to educate themselves and as a result being exposed to misguided information. So for parents, they should learn the correct facts first before starting to give their kids sex education.
With the right information in place, the next step for parents is to communicate openly and honestly with their children on the topic. By being honest and open, parents are showing their kids that sex is not something to feel guilty about and that it is important to discuss with the subject is in a mature and positive manner.
Contraception is another main topic in sex education. Parents should not only tell their about the use of condoms, but also the proper way of using a condom. There is a saying that using two condoms together, i.e. putting one on top of another, will be more protective. This is plain wrong. Putting two condoms together will in fact increase the friction during the intercourse and will cause them to break more easily. We should always opt for the best condoms in terms of quality to ensure optimum protection. Moreover, better quality condoms are less prone to causing skin irritation and discomfort.
An open and honest two-way communication is crucial to a balanced development of children. If you want your children to open up to you, you should take the initiative first and learn how to be frank and open with your kids. Parents are the role model for their kids, and everything that parents do will have an impact on their children. Start from ourselves and so our kids will follow.

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