How To Develop A Rural Area For Children?

As we may have seen there are so many children who have come to higher places with fewer facilities in their village but with their courage they have achieved their own goals. It’s the time to bring new facilities to the rural areas without modernization. It’s for the future generation of the country who will develop this country with their skills and knowledge. They also need the attention as the kids in cities get. With their talents they should be given opportunities to perform well in universities.

First of all there should be a telecommunication system that provides connection to each house and supply the technology through computers to IFC office rental and the schools to educate the children more. Then build professional study areas around the villages with the governance of a central office that will control the sub offices. They should be given IT knowledge since it’s mandatory for them to know how to use a computer in this world since that’s very important for them as a qualification to get a job in city. They need to be given English lessons as it’s a useful language for them since it’s like the main language used in working places and with the basic knowledge of English will be good enough.

By purchasing or building a big building with new offices to build technical colleges, business colleges and other study programs the government may be able to cover the office leasing in Hong Kong. The government may send more lecturers to these villages to educate these children who have the capacity to study and willingness. Through these colleges they will have the opportunity to learn new skills or to develop their talents in order to work. By building a library would be ideal for them to improve their knowledge in many areas in a vast way that by reading books and magazines gives them knowledge about not just one thing but so many.

If there are children who are good at extracurricular activities building a sport complex would develop their skills and they may even be able to participate in national tournaments and compete in international levels too. With these ideas it’s a good way to start their journey in a new way that they will enhance their knowledge in education as well as in sports knowledge so they will have many options and opportunities in future plans and studies who wish embark on their skills. It’s new path for them to travel to the city with more confidence and with more resources in their hands so they will not be let down, they will be given the equal rights as the children in cities get.

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