Expert Reviews On The Use Of E-Cigs Among Children And The Youth

Over the past few years, the trends of smoking and smokers have increased drastically. Individuals in all categories including children, youth and adults are addicted to this harmful substance. They aren’t willing to accept that it’s harmful once they get into this dependency and tolerance inducing substances. Therefore, many organizations such as rehabilitation centers are being set up to help them. There are many types of substances that are taken by these individuals. The list includes:– Cigarettes/ cigars – E-cigarettes– Drugs (marijuana, cocaine, etc.)– Pills

Increased use among minors and Youth

Of all the people involved in these problematic behaviours, are children and youth. Specifically, with the discovery of e-cigarettes the demand for this is extremely high among this age category. Especially, children and teens look for ways to hide it from the radar of their parents. Hence, experts have written and published reviews, as a heads up. These are very useful for parents, society and government officials to impose and take action to diminish this trend.

According to the many testimonies of past users and reviewers, they have been able to highlight some key factors about children using e-cigars. As a fact, parents aren’t able to find out if they are using it or not. Hence, these experts have stated few pointers for parents to identify and take action the earliest:

1. Constantly drinking water or juices

According to the electronic cigarettes reviews, they have stated that a substance of the liquid vapour absorbs a lot of water molecules. For example the mouth, therefore, people often experience dry mouth. Hence, those who use these, constantly have to drink water or juice to avoid dry mouth.

2. Mint or fruity scent

Most of these cigars are available in different flavours such as fruits, menthol, blends, nicotine, etc. As a fact, if you get a minty or fruity smell when you’re kids pass around, maybe it could be a signal. Furthermore, if you don’t find any candy wraps then it could be that they are smoking an e-cigarette.

3. The look of the cigarette

The look of the e-cigarette is another way of finding out if you child is using it. For example most of these look like long pens. However, if you find it to be an unusual looking type, then you should check it. According to electronic cigarettes reviews, this is another method of finding out, chect this great e-shisha duty free.

4. Passing out after consuming energy drinks or caffeine

For some individuals, they become sensitive to caffeine. As a fact, after drinking an energy drink or coffee they pass out. How would you be able to identify it? If your child has been a frequent drinker and lately experiencing this situation, this could be a reason.

Taking the above facts into consideration, make sure that you have a closer look of your child. It’s your responsibility to guide them and monitor their behaviour.

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