Contact lenses and fashion

When your vision needs correction, it’s such a relief to know that you have so many options to help you see clearly. For years, people with sensitive eyes could only wear glasses for their vision correction needs, but now there are contact lenses that will fit the needs of the most sensitive allergy sufferer. Also, there have long been tinted contact lenses for people who wanted to enhance their appearance, but they were usually very dramatic and were designed to change the color of your eye – there weren’t lenses available for people who just wanted a subtle enhancement of their natural appearance.

Acuvue Moist are 1 day lenses that feel fresh and clean all day long. And because they’re replaced daily, there’s no icky build up of irritants to bother your eyes! No storing your lenses in a pot at the end of the day, no fussing with cleaning solution. According to the Acuvue website, the lenses are made with Exclusive LACREON® Technology, which permanently embeds a moisture-rich wetting agent, resulting in a fresh lens feeling and end-of-day comfort, and uses a hydrogel material to allow oxygen to pass through to your eye. ( )

These lenses are for people with near- or far-sighted vision, and are perfect for people with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

But what if you’re interested more in a lens that will not just help you see better, it will help you look better? You may like your natural eye color, but you want it to “pop” a bit more. Think of the colored portion of your eye, and how it currently contrasts with the white of your eye. Now think of an image that has been outlined with a slightly darker color, or a picture in a frame – the contrast against the background makes the image stand out.

That’s what Acuvue Define contact lenses do for your appearance – they outline your limbus, which is where the colored portion of your eye meets the white part of your eye. Studies have shown that having a more defined limbal ring is perceived as highly attractive and desireable. The Define lenses offer three levels of limbal ring enhancement – Natural Sparkle, which offers a subtle enhancement, Natural Shimmer, which offers a brighter contrast, and Natural Shine, which offers a lively contrast and enhancement. All the Define lenses offer a natural look, allowing your natural beauty to shine through, while subtly enhancing your own look.

Wonder what types of clothing to go with these lenses? One of the good things about contact lenses is that they give you more possibilities with different fashion styles without the constraints of a pair of glasses on your face. You can go for women simple chic design fashion or try ordering French design clothes online and pair them with colored contact lenses to make your look more dramatic.

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