Best Water Based Leisure Activities

There are many water based leisure activities we can choose from. Further there are many activities for different age groups. Some activities are calm and slow yet enjoyable and some are extreme and are tailor made for adrenaline lovers. As people come up with more and more activities the list just keeps on growing. What activity is right for you depend on what kind of person you are and what you are willing to do so here is a list of the best water based leisure activities.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a wonderful leisure activity. In this activity the diver uses an oxygen tank that allows them to stay underwater for a while. Scuba diving is done professionally and for recreational purposes. Depending on where you go Scuba diving you could be swimming with many different fishes, explore old ship wreckages, explore coral reefs and even all at once. Usually you need training and a certain level of fitness to receive a scuba diving certification that allows you to go scuba diving.


Wakeboarding is an activity in which the rider uses a Hong Kong wakeboarding that is towed by motorboat. It has become a very popular leisure activity and is now is a water sport where the rider performs various stunts and tricks to gain points. Wakeboarding can be done on the seas and even on lakes and ponds. It is a high adrenaline sport as the riders surf at high speeds and perform various stunts while doing so.


Similar to wakesurf but instead of being towed by a motorboat the rider uses the waves to gain monument and surf. Surfing is so popular that it has been added to the 2020 Olympics. This is a very popular activity around the world. Before becoming a surfer people have train to ride the waves. There is a surf culture that make surfing a central part and focus of their lives and many surfers state they have spiritual connection with the ocean that allows them to enjoy and embrace this activity. Visit 

White water rafting

White water rafting can be done as a group activity where the riders use an inflatable raft to navigate a river. Usually the rivers are rough and is a challenging environment which requires teamwork to overcome therefore it is a very good team building activity as well. Safety equipment is a must due to the raft knocking against stones and tumbling. It is considered an extreme sport but it usually depends on the river the activity takes place as some may be very rough and some are quite calm.

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